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The New York City Lighting Council is an information source and champion for issues involving the use of lighting in and about the New York Cityscape. The Council provides web-based resources for the public, and serves as a forum and reference for lighting professionals.

NYCLC is founded and managed by the New York City Section of the IES.
NYC Lighting Council Purpose: 

1. Lighting Awareness Resource
  • To establish a lighting awareness hotline or online information site for the general public.
  • To establish an online resource for all lighting related codes and energy issues for lighting and architectural professionals.
  • To provide support and research for local politicians and community groups with regards to issues such as light pollution, light trespass, energy conservation, local lighting codes, etc,


2.  Advocacy for good lighting practices

  • To work with other organizations, conservancies, commissions, and advocacy groups in New York to help provide support with lighting related issues.
  • To provide support for redevelopment and revitalization projects in and around NYC, including waterfront areas, neighborhoods, parks, public spaces, etc
  • To help raise awareness of good lighting practice and provide a public point of entry to other professional lighting organizations for referrals and advice


3. Preservation and Protection

  • To help preserve historic and unique neighborhoods,
  • To help and support other preservation organizations with regards to lighting of historic structures,
  • To help promote the development of the NYC skyline with regards to iconographic buildings and structures,
  • To collaborate with other organizations and associations to help protect the NYC night sky from light pollution and sky glow from non-iconographic structures and relevant safety lighting.

Support and funding of lighting for public projects

  • To assist with manpower and resources for lighting improvement projects in venues such as parks, playgrounds, schools, churches and other not-fot-profit public spaces.
  • To assist with funding for public lighting projects (including maintenance) for public spaces, bridges, and/or buildings.
NYC Lighting Council Committee

Chair: Randy Sabedra, RS Lighting Design


Anne CheneyMelanie Freundlich Lighting Design
Jim ContiJim Conti Lighting Design
David De Armas, Stan Deutsch Associates
Wendy KaplanEureka Lighting
Addison Kelly, US Lighting Consultants
Adam KrollHorton Lees Brogden Lighting Design
Linda Leconte, Edison Price Lighting
Natalia Lesniak, Lumen Architecture
Kyle C. MacKenzie, Thomas Polise Consulting Engineer PC
Kass Negash, W. Allen Engineering PLLC
Nira WattanachoteCline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design
Steven ZirinskyZirinsky Architecture
Founding Members:

Randy Sabedra, IES, IALD, RS Lighting Design
C. Brooke Silber, LC, LEED, IES, Domingo Gonzalez Associates 
Wendy Kaplan, Eureka Lighting
Michael W. Mehl, LC LEED AP, Jaros Baum & Bolles
Peggy Meehan, Visa Lighting

Contact Us:

NYC Lighting Council
IESNYC c/o Building Energy Exchange
31 Chambers Street, Suite 609
New York, New York 10007