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The New York City Lighting Council is an information source and champion for issues involving the use of lighting in and about the New York Cityscape. The Council provides web-based resources for the public, and serves as a forum and reference for lighting professionals.

NYCLC is founded and managed by the New York City Section of the IES.

March 9, 2015
New Lean And Green Laws for NYC Owned Buildings The New York City Council passed two laws that show the City of New York truly leads by example. The new legislation - 701-A and its sister 721-A - both amend the city’s current LEED law, strengthening existing sustainability requirements and introducing new measures that will make NYC-owned buildings among the most efficient in the country. Most striking? Most new city buildings and major retrofits will need to achieve LEED Gold and cut energy use in half. Read More

8 March 2016


ASHRAE 90.1 Addenda Out For Public Review Currently two ASHRAE 90.1 addends are out for public review - both propose reductions in the retail and decorative allowances. The comment period closes on March 13.


There are differences between the DOE proposals and the ASHRAE proposals:


1 - Addendum "dq" proposes to reduce the retail allowances by 25% in each retail category WITHOUT reducing the 1000 watt base retail additional allowance. This 25% reduction is in line with many of your comments on the original DOE proposal of a 50% reduction.  If you believe this reduction in the retail allowance is acceptable for a standard that will likely be adopted in 2018-2019, then you don't need to do anything. If you do not believe this reduction is acceptable, then please submit a comment with your proposed acceptable allowances before the March 13 deadline.  Link to addendum "dq"


2 - Addendum "dr" proposes to reduce the decorative lighting allowance by 25% to 0.75 watts/sf, while DOE originally proposed a 50% reduction. Most of your comments to DOE noted that this is a use-it-or-lose-it allowance, so that 1.0 w/sf is only used when truly necessary. Also, many of you commented that reductions to the decorative allowance should have been considered and proposed simultaneously with reductions to all other space-by-space allowances. If you believe a reduction to 0.75 w/sf for the decorative allowance is acceptable, then you don't need to do anything. If you do not believe this reduction is acceptable, then please submit a comment with your proposed acceptable allowances before the March 13 deadline.  Link to addendum "dr"


Link to the How to Submit A Comment page.

13 April 2012 (updated)


The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has recently updated thier ruling that Lighting Design services are subject to New York State Sales Tax.  More information

November 9, 2009


DOT unveils LED installation in NYC as part of global pilot program to improve energy efficiency. Designed to test and measure LED-technology in real-world, urban settings, the installations include 13 LED fixtures in Central Park from East 67th Street to East 72nd Street and 24 along the FDR Drive's center median between 18th and 24th Streets. More Information

November 2, 2009


LightMapping NYC PLDA, DLFNY, and IESNYC announce a multi-part event intended to provide the New York City lighting design community with a forum to consider the current, past and future conditions of their urban environment at night.   More information

November 2, 2009 (updated)

AIANY Event: Energy Code Changes - What the Design Team Needs to Know - Lighting Design and the Energy Code  The December 2nd program is an all day event occurring in two main parts - a morning portion and an afternoon portion.  The morning portion features three sessions, "Overview of the Greening of the NYC and other Codes," "Lighting Design and the Energy Code" and "Mechanical Systems and the Energy Code." The afternoon portion features two sessions,  "Building Enclosures and the Energy Code" and "Energy Modeling and the Energy Code."


Hayden McKay and Shoshanna Segal will disseminate their knowledge and understanding of the NYS Energy Code and to make clear the Energy Code submittal requirements for all projects in NYC. More information

October 8, 2009

NY School of Interior Design announces Lighting Trade Show and Lecture series. Events are free to the NYSID community and general public.  More information

October 4, 2009

James Turrell: Large Halograms An exhibition of new large-scale holograms by James Turrell will be on view at PaceWildenstein?s 25th Street gallery from September 10 through October 17, 2009  More information

September 02, 2009

NYC Code Compliance Alert: In Spring 2009, the NYC Buildings Department will begin auditing New Building and Alteration applications for ECCCNYS (New York State Energy Code) compliance and, when appropriate, issuing objections and notices of revocation for applications that do not meet these requirements.
More information and How to Comply

August 27, 2009
ASHRAE Addenda Review: Marty Salzberg, IALD, IES, Senior Associate at Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design, and voting member on the ASHRAE Lighting Sub-Committee, and Chad Groshart, IALD, IES, Associate at Atlier Ten, and IALD Representative on the 90.1 Committee reviewed to the NYC Lighting Community proposed changes to ASHRAE 90.1

Presenters Presentation:
Click Here (PDF)


Referenced Documents:

Link to ASHRAE 90.1 Addenda
Link to Online instruction for submitting comments
- Download 90.1 LPD Working Model Worksheet (excel)

Deadline for submitting online public comments - 28 September 2009

IALD Announces Seminar: Learn How to Effectively Comment on ASHRAE Addenda - Sept 9, 3pm
More Information

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